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Carriage Clocks : Their History and Development

Ref: 2
Author: ALLIX: C.R.P. & BONNERT: P.
ISBN: 902028 25 1
Publisher: A.C.C.
Publication Date: 1974
Condition: VERY GOOD

The magnum opus for any collector or dealer. Progenitors of carriage clocks; French carriage clocks; English carriage clocks and other carriage clocks. 484pp. inc. comprehensive index. Well illustrated mainly with high quality black and white photographs and some in colour. Every aspect of these highly collectable clocks is covered. The detail is excellent. Since finding a highly competent restorer of the more complicated examples George finds himself using this book on a daily basis. My point? The information is so good that anyone taking the trouble to read mark learn and inwardly digest can still find a good carriage clock which has not been recognised by other dealers or collectors! I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough. First edition with d.j. Should you wish to buy a good carriage clock- ask me for details! We have a rare five minute repeating example, and a delightful one pice Drcourt, striking on a bell!

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